About Us

We founded the TripGu travel portal because we enjoy travelling and discovering new places. But more than that, we also wanted share some of our own travel journeys and at the same time, provide many of the signature tours and local activities requested by travelers.

Most importantly, we realize how difficult and confusing it can be to book a tour or holiday, or even connect with local operators in a country we haven’t visited. Problems such as local currency, cultural etiquette, online payment, language and of course making sure the experience is genuine and fairly priced!

With TripGu.com we have removed much of the hassle and created seamless experience by doing most of the work for you. From the very start of your travel journey, explore Trip.Gu and discover how we created an easy way to search, compare, and book your travel experiences.

We’re sure you’ll love Trip.Gu !

TripGu Corporation Co.,Ltd

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Telephone:+66 76 355 356